About us

Nevertheless Romania is one of recent European Union countries, the tradition of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in Romania is long and rich.

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Craiova is one the most important institution with this profile in Romania, including all medicine domains. Now, it has three faculties: Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry and one college, and offer a modern and competitive education that meets the requirements of international standards. For more information and details you can access www.umfcv.ro

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department is one of the most active departments in our University. We are 10 young physiatrists (physicians who are specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) under coordination of the Ph.D. professor Roxana Popescu

Until present we have annual scientific workshops, conferences and symposiums about various types of rehabilitation.

In Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine, the diagnosis, treatment and counseling of patients is our core business and our main goal. In practical medicine we consider more about the integrated individual than a dysfunctioning diseased organ; we take care of the patient well – being and his/her quality of life. We believe that collaboration is vital to widespread health problems and to quality of life in disability people.

We will consider not only clinical aspects but also the role of the Rehabilitation Medicine in the First Level of Health Attention, Disability’s laws, Management and Development of Rehabilitation Services, among other subjects.

Clinical practice will only improve when research provides new diagnostic and therapeutic tools and procedures and delivers evidence of the medical and economical efficiency of physical medicine and rehabilitation.

On the other hand, research definitely needs clinicians to define priorities, to raise the most relevant questions, but also to cooperate with researchers, to coach and support patients that are involved in projects and to implement the results of research afterwards.

The purpose of our activity is to advance education and research in all aspects of the rehabilitation of people with disabilities. Our main education and research topics are: